Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mermaid Nails!

I went shopping with my Papa the other day and he bought me these cute rings from Topshop, I'd been eying them up in store for a while ;) So I thought I'd share them, and a couple of new Miss Sporty shades I also picked up on the same day!

Rings: £12.50 Freedom @ Topshop

I must say I really am a fan of the new freedom @ Topshop brown packaging that's started filtering into stores. I much prefer it to their usual plain black packaging, which I suppose is slightly dated now. 

I like that there's a variety of gold and silver in the pack and I think my favourite of them all is the one with the large pink stone. I've been trying to collect a few more bits of costume jewellery recently and I think these are perfect additions to said collection :) I'm just hoping that none of them fall apart or loose any stones, as is fairly common with cheaper jewellery! I'll keep you all updated!

I did this mani last night so apologies for the stray polish that is yet to fall off the sides :') It ended up turning out quite differently than I first planned, but I love it. The green and glitter combo really reminds me of shiny mermaids tails!

Nail Varnishes: £1.99 each Miss Sporty

The original plan was to have all green nails with one random really glittery nail, but I was disappointed at first with the glitter content of the 'disco ball' shade. I would have had to do waaay too many coats to get the kind of coverage I wanted. So plan B it was.

Glitter Nail Varnish: Pink Iridescent - £2.99 Barry M
Grey Nail Varnish: Free Mavala sample from Elle Magazine

I decided to use the grey as a base for the glitter nail and did 3 layers of pink glitter over the top. I then did 2 layers of the glitter Miss Sporty over the green Miss Sporty and I was pleasantly surprised at the effect it gave! Although I'm pretty sure I've already used almost half of the pot, as you really do have to use a lot to get a decent coverage of Glitter. Everything was sealed off with Barry M base and topcoat seen in THIS post. 

I'm on a mission to find the perfect glitter nail varnish! I've been lusting over the Opi - Rainbow Connection glitter for SO long, but due to it being almost £15 on ebay... it will have to sadly wait. 

What are everyone's go-to glitter nail varnishes?



  1. I LOVE THESE RING SETS! Great choice Katty xxxxxx

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  7. beautiful nailart (:



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  9. I love pretty nails and pretty things! Such a lovely blog!