Thursday, 15 March 2012

Collection Nail Art Competition Entry - Hot Looks

Last week the brand Collection, (formally Collection 2000!) sent out a tweet asking for nail beauty bloggers to get in touch for a special project. Although TKP is a fairly new blog, I love anything to do with nails/nail art and I was really curious as to what this 'special project' might be! I received an email back saying that Collection were asking bloggers to produce nail art inspired by Easter Eggs. Nails and chocolate.. two of my favourite things ;) To be eligible to submit, your design had to include at least one Collection nail polish shade. 

Nail Varnish: £1.79 Each, Collection

As I didn't actually own any Collection nail varnishes, I had the tricky decision of picking which colours, out of the 20+ 'Hot Looks' on offer to use in my design! I decided to go for the shades, 35 - Dynasty, 34 - Hoola Hoop and 33 - Button Moon (how much do I love the names of the colours!) and at only £1.79 each, I thought that this was very reasonable!
I also went for shades that I would wear anyway and all three of these pastel shades are adorable, I'll definitely be using these on their own as well.

Yellow Nail Varnish in Bee's Knee's: £5, Topshop
Base and Topcoat: £2.99, Barry M
Tip Whitener: £1, Asda
As well as the Collection polishes I also used an old Topshop yellow nail varnish from about 2 years ago (?!), that they apparently still sell ;), a cheap Asda tip whitener and my trusty base and topcoat. 

My nail art was inspired by one of my favourite Easter time treats... Mini Eggs! I thought the pastels would be appropriate due to this years spring/summer trends, and also.. I may just have a slight love for pastels anyway <3

To create my design I applied my base coat and applied the individual dots with the tip of a cotton bud. I wanted it to resemble a small pile of little eggs, so to get the layered effect I wanted, I painstakingly added layers of dots each colour at a time, over lapping each other, making sure each colour was completely dry before applying another. I won't lie and tell you the process wasn't time consuming, but other than that the design was relatively easy to apply, I thought I'd be smudging it everywhere but you just have to be very delicate and take it sloooow! 

The Collection polishes actually applied the best when creating this design, they dried quickly, whereas the Topshop yellow did go a bit lumpy in places. All in all I'm pretty pleased with the end result :)

Did any one else enter the competition? I'd love to see everyone else's designs!

Katt xo


  1. OH I LOVE THESE!!!!!!! Can't wait to stuff my face with mini eggs all over Easter!

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  2. Okay it's safe to say that these are amazing! I'm going to have to try and muster up the patience for attempting this!
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  3. This looks so cute! :) I'm trying to learn how to paint my nails and just bought a set of pastel-colored ones to start. Following you now. :)

  4. Wow amazing!! Such a great idea :)

    Marie x

  5. wow lovee these nails! need to try this out...


  6. These nails look amazing! Such a good idea!

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  7. Your pictures are amazing!
    Great blog, thank you for the follow sweetie xo

  8. I thought these were nail wraps at first as they look so cool! Perfect for Easter and I'm definitely going to try recreating this design! Lovely blog, am now following :) xxx

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  10. I have just stumbled across your blog and I have fallen in love with it! The nail design is the cutest I have ever seen! I much prefer it to other nail art that I have seen and it's so effective! xx

  11. They're amazing! Love your blog I'm your newest follower :) xxx

  12. This is such a cute look! Lovely post and great blog :) xx

  13. This looks amazing! I hope you win with this..such a great Easter design! xx

  14. These look fab! Good luck in the competition! I have only just found your lovely blog and am now a follower. :-) xx

  15. this looks so cool! i'm definitely trying this out xx

  16. oh my goodness, these are FABULOUS!! I totally am going to try this! your blog is awesome...following :)

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  17. Your nail art looks so pretty :) and I love all these spring colors! I think I need to get myself a yellow nail polish as soon as possible!

  18. you're so creative!

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  19. i really love this design! so creative :) x

  20. These are amazing! Going to have to try my own version :D
    Hope you win petal! xo

  21. Super cute nails! I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! :)

  22. Your nails look so stunning!! I am a new follower xxx

  23. omg I love your nails! I'm going to have to try these.
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  24. I'm trying this today! x