Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tweezer Review

Tweezers: £22.50 Tweezerman / Boots

Just thought I'd do a little review on these tweezers I bought the other day. My eyebrows are a nightmare, and I find myself plucking them every other day at least! So having a decent pair is fairly important. I've had a pair of Ruby and Millie, plain grey tweezers for around 3/4 years (!) and to be fair they were amazing! and lasted for so long. However they were starting to finally loose their gripping power which meant it was about time to find a new pair. 

Honestly £22.50 is a HUGE amount to spend on something so tiny, but in this instance I would say it's more than justified ;) The design is so cute (much more attractive than my previous boring grey pair) and you get a little pouch to keep them in, to prevent knocks and misaligning the tips. Tweezerman also offer free sharpening if you send your tweezers off to them, so with these tweezers you pretty much have a pair to last a lifetime.

Not only do they look great, they also have grip, and I mean serious grip. Using these you never miss a single hair and you can remove even the smaller, finer strands quickly and efficiently. They are also very sharp, which again, helps with the removal of the more stubborn hair, as they are extremely precise. Although I did manage to gauge a small hole in my face during the first use - must have got a bit too pluck happy :') Other than that they are PERFECT! and I would definitely recommend these tweezers to anyone looking to invest in a new pair! 



  1. Tweezerman are amazing aren't they!! Such great value can't imagine using any other tweezer ever again!! Great post xxx

  2. I used to think Tweezerman tweezers were so overpriced until I bought a pair, they're so worth it. :3 ♥

  3. It is expensive, I have not tried a pair but have heard great things about them. Nothing more frustrating then a bad pair of tweezers!


  4. Thanks for the review. They are seriously adorable tweezers!
    You can't get these here in New Zealand but next time i'm making a Boots order, i will definitely check these out. They are a tad pricey but if they are as good as you say, it's worth it :) xx

  5. These tweezers are soo cute :-) I have just found your blog, and I love the name and the adorable cat pictureeee!