Wednesday, 9 May 2012

17 Supreme Shine Lipstick - Hot Flash - Review

Lipstick: £4.99, 17 @ Boots - Shade Hot Flash

The other day I spent AAAGES in boots trying to find a lipstick that would give a little pop of colour to my (planned surprisingly weeks in advance..!) birthday outfit, but also one that wasn't going to break the bank. I um-ed and ahh-ed over a few different brands and colours (one of which was the L'oreal, Rouge Caresse in 'Cheeky Magenta', defo need that shade in my life in the near future ;)) but in the end decided to go for this 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in the shade 'Hot Flash'. 

There were a couple of reasons why I was drawn to this shade, the first being that I swatched the lipstick along with so many others on my hand and the colour remained all day! I really love lip products that give a stain to the lip as I'm forever licking my lips/eating/drinking, which doesn't bode well for products with little staying power! Another being that I'm trying to break away from my usual pink lip and try something new!

In real life the bullet of the lipstick appears much less red and leans more toward an orange shade (I have no idea why it looks such a deep red above!) The colour swatch at the bottom is pretty much spot on in terms of how the shade looks on the lip. The product is lightweight, similar to a gloss/balm and applies with ease. The shade looks subtle with only one layer of application but can be built up to create more dramatic colour. 

As you can see below the colour does tend to stick to any dry skin/lumps and bumps remaining on the lip before application, so I would really recommend exfoliating lips first to get a nice smooth surface! (I've been using the Lush sugar scrub which is DELISH!)

I really can't decide whether I'm a fan of the packaging for this product. The silver case is heavy and doesn't appear cheap, which really surprised me considering the price point! It seems a lot more high end than it actually is which is a plus. However the little blue 'new stickers' stuck on the front are so annoying to try and get off and leave a horrible sticky residue on the silver. I've also found the shiny casing to get covered in smudgy fingerprints and mark fairly easily, though I suppose you can't find that much fault for £4.99 ;)

Overall I was very impressed with this lipstick, the shade is interesting, moisturising, long lasting and good value for money. What do you guys think of these Supreme Shine Lipsticks? Would you say they're worth the money? Do you like the packaging? Is there anymore shades I should have a look at? I really like the look of 'Pink Posey!' 

Katt xo

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Life in Limbo.

Photo-albums/Scrapbooks: £10.75 Each Paperchase

polka dot

At the moment my life is a big ball of excitement/nerves/sadness all rolled into one. In just over 3 weeks time I'm moving out of the place I've called home for the last 3 years and back into my Mums. I'm going to be setting up my own photography business, which has been very much in the making for the last couple of years, but back home, with a lot less financial pressure, it's finally going to be possible! On the one hand I'm so excited to be coming back, I'm looking forward to really pushing forward with work and spending more time with my family and friends that I feel I have neglected in recent months, (especially my little sister who I miss so much!) BUT at the same time, my current house has been my home for what feels like forever and every time I think about everything changing I get that horrid lump in my tummy/throat and have to quickly think about something else. My little house holds so many special memories and it's going to be so sad locking up and leaving for the last time. 
Over the last few years I seem to acquired so much stuff! My house is full of it and I have no idea how I'm gonna fit everything back into one room but I'll give it a go ;) One thing I really love about my house at the moment is my three pin-boards which have been filled up over the years with photos, postcards, stickers, clippings etc, etc. I decided to transfer everything from these boards (along with any other random photos and pictures) into some cute scrapbooks so I don't loose anything! I did consider taking everything down and putting all back up in my new room but I think that space should be saved for all the new memories I'm looking forward to making :) I'm going to start putting the books together next week so will probably post a few pictures when I'm done, I just seem to be avoiding anything 'moving 
house' related, (denial much!) 

Updates on The Katt's Pyjamas have been all over the place recently, but a regular blogging schedule WILL BE in place for after May 31st when I move! I also haven't posted a 'Bargain of the Week' for a few weeks now, but I have two great items I've been waiting to share with you guys, so one of those should be up Sunday ;) This is a bit of a boring/filler post, but just thought I'd share where I'm at.. I also can't believe I reached 100 followers the other day, I've been planning a giveaway to say thank you to you all, with a few bits I've featured on here over the last few months which I'm really looking forward too!

Hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend! What do you think of these memory scrapbooks? Anyone have a insane fear of change like myself?

Katt xo