Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cream Puff by Collection 2000 - Review!

Cream Puff Lip Creams - £2.99 Each, Collection 2000

I picked these up the other day after seeing a few bloggers using and reviewing them. At £2.99 you can't really go wrong! They come in four shades I think, and I decided to go for the brighter/pinker shades (surprise, surprise ;)) though I am considering the 'Powder Puff' shade as well now! 

Below on the left is the 'Fairy Cake' shade and on the right is 'Cotton Candy'.

The texture of the cream wasn't like I expected at all, for some reason I imagined it to be runnier? But it applies really well and you can build up layers of colour for more vibrancy. The finished effect is matte which looks lovely - soft and kissable! :')

'Fairy Cake' 

This is my favourite of the two shades. The colour really does 'pop'! an orangey/coral shade that is a little different from the norm. 

'Cotton Candy'

This shade is definitely more subtle than the previous, I would wear this as an everyday shade as it would pretty much compliment any outfit. 

These lip creams are moisturising and full of vitamins (which my lips clearly need judging by the above pictures!) but they do have amazing staying power. Mine stood up to walking the dogs, eating a sausage roll, amongst other things :') and the colour didn't fade at all. I wouldn't usually expect such good quality for such a low price, and they smell DEE-licious. I just wish they came in more colours!

Here is a picture of me wearing 'Fairy Cake', I asked my boyfriend to take some photos for my first outfit post, but I must admit I wasn't too keen... This is the only one deemed suitable for the internet, so instead of showing my outfit, I thought I'd use it as an example for this post instead!

What does everyone think of the Collection 2000 cream puff glosses? and tips for outfit posts? Do you take the photos yourselves? Or does someone else help!? Happy weekend <3

Katt xo

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