Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Bits.

Thought I would share a few bits I bought the other day on a budget.. Everything shown here, apart from the Topshop shoes... was under a fiver! 

It seems like everyone has these studded pumps from Topshop at the moment and I can definately see why. They are sooo comfy and can be dressed either up or down to go with almost any outfit! Both myself and the bestie have a pair! They are also available in a nude shade with gold studs, which look equally as yummy. 

Studded Slipper Shoes: £28 Topshop

I absolutely LOVE this ring, and for only £1 it was a total steal. Speaking of steals.. I wore this ring last week on a night out and took it off to wash my hands in the bathroom and left it there! Went back about 10 minutes later after I had realised the error of my ways, and it had gone :( along with another of my favourite rings. Thankfully I went back into town a few days later and they still had some left! I was so happy!

Reindeer Ring: £1 Primark

I bought this top to wear on a random night out, it has a slight crop and can be dressed up or down, I chose to wear it with jeans and flats.

Patterned Crop Top: £4 Primark

I got this card to send with a final lot of photos for a client, it's quite odd but cute at the same time! 

Mermaid Card: 75p Paperchase


  1. Ah I have the studded slippers too! LOVE THEM!

  2. I really like that postcard haha! I have all my fav around my mirror, may have to pop to paperchase! Live your blog, had a snoop :) zx