Monday, 6 February 2012

A Few Things...

That have made me happy today :)

Denise my microwaveable dinosaur.
Was a christmas present and has been keeping me snug for the last few nights <3

This Embroidered Cat Notebook
£12 from Paper chase.. actually going to start organising my life!

My Yankee Candle
Vanilla cupcake flavour. Actually smells amazing, wish I could buy one in every flavour! I bought my Mumma the strawberries and cream one for Christmas and she's used it all already!

This Flowery Top
£7 from Primark

These Photos
From a wedding I photographed at the end of last year, finally getting through a massive backlog of work. 

My Favourite Mug
A valentines day present from a friend last year. I'm currently addicted to the white chocolate 'options' drink! Only 40 calories.... without cream ;)

These Chopsticks
A friend bought them back from Hong Kong. Aren't they adorable!

And Of Course
Murphyface. Always guaranteed a smile when he's around.


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