Friday, 6 April 2012

MUA Lipstick - Review

MUA Lipsticks: £1 each, Superdrug

I picked up these lipsticks a while ago actually, but have only just got round to reviewing them! I grabbed these and a couple of other cheapy products in Superdrug to give them a go, and determine if they are in fact worth bothering with! At only a pound each I didn't expect an awful lot, but I've read a lot of mixed reviews so thought it was only fair to try them out for myself.

I chose these two shades, the one on the right a more 'solid' colour and the one on the left is laced with glitter and has a more of a 'shimmer' to it. 

Before reviewing the product I feel I need to comment on the below picture. Each MUA lipstick comes individually wrapped in plastic wrapping, and when I unwrapped the both of mine I was so disappointed to find that there was a load of product smeared in and around the mechanism of one of the lipsticks. I know that a lot of people would say, 'oh it's only a pound, what do you expect', but I really feel that if a company is selling you a product it should be in perfect condition! Irrelevant of cost price. This little mishap managed to put me off before I'd even swatched the colour, and I've heard a few people complain about the mechanism breaking completely so I think this is an issue MUA/Superdrug need to address!

MUA Lipstick Shade 15

RIGHT! Little moan over! Back to the lipstick! 
I actually love the colour of this and it is defo my favourite of the two. On first glance the lipstick looks almost plastic, but it actually applies pretty effortlessly, gliding on easily. The lipstick has a fairly high pigmentation which was a pleasant surprise! I expected the colour to be fairly watered down when applied, but after a few layers the colour builds up nicely. It's a lovely coral shade, that appears much more neutral when applied to the lips and is a very wearable, summery colour, more suitable for daytime, as it does need topping up every couple of hours. 

MUA Lipstick Shade 5

This shade, in comparison to the previous, is totally different in that the pigmentation is pretty much non existent. The colour in the tube appears to be a cute, soft pink (I have such a weakness for Barbie lips :')) but when applied seems much more like some kind of solid lipgloss or balm. Even with a good few layers of colour, the shade doesn't build up at all. It does tint the lips slightly, but only really gives them a bit of a shimmer. It's definitely nothing to write home about, but I have been using mine to freshen up my face when I'm not wearing makeup. It's the kind of product you chuck in your bag and use for emergencies or if you're going for a (very) fresh faced look.  

Overall I am glad I decided to try out this brand for myself. If I do consider buying anymore of these, I'll most probably steer clear of the more glittery shades and stick to the solid colours. For a pound these lipsticks are worth it if you fancy trying out shades you wouldn't usually consider, or need a quick makeup fix. If it's longevity you're after, these lipsticks aren't for you. 

One thing I do really like about these lipsticks is the little colour swatch in the end of tube, which is a pretty good likeness to the lipsticks true shade. These makes it a lot easier and quicker to find the shade you're rooting around for. These little swatches do unscrew and I've read a lot of people saying that they are little lip glosses, but I'm not entirely convinced they are.. For a start I can't even fit my finger in the tiny pot, and some are a lot harder to get off than others. I'd much rather the ends didn't unscrew as I'm conscious that they could pop off in my bag and unwittingly cover my phone/ipod/other makeup with product. 

The packaging is most certainly this products weakness, it's fairly unattractive and seems temperamental. I'm also unsure why the shades don't have names, just numbers, which can be confusing. Other than that I am surprised at how much I liked shade 15! and I'll most probably take a trip back to Superdrug to see if there are any more shades similar to shade 15 that take my fancy ;)

Has anyone else tried these shades? or MUA lipsticks in general? What do you all think?

Katt xo


  1. I have a few of the more 'solid ' lipsticks, I love them! But I know what you mean about the glittery shades, I wouldn't repurchase any of those! I had a very shimmery and glittery red and did not like it at all. but the 'matte' lipsticks are good :)

    lovely review!


  2. I don't think they're lip glosses either. I think they're just a small swatch to give the colour but someone discovered they pop off one day.
    I just love your nails, I wish I had the patience to do that.

    Lea x

  3. I realllllly love shade 15!!! greattttt post!!

  4. It's such a shame isn't it when lipsticks have been damaged. Nice to read an honest review :) x

  5. I love the coral shade! Great review, it was very helpful thank you :) xx