Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Where Does The Good Go?

I can't get enough of these Topshop t-shirts at the moment. They're so easy to wear and so comfortable! I've already bought it in two colours and I'm lusting after more.. Just add a simple piece of jewellery and you're good to go ;)  

I bought this necklace from Primark about 2 months ago now when I was living up in Lincoln, the time has literally flown by! I totally forgot about it until the other day when I saw it pop up on Meg's Blog and was inspired to give it some wear! I think I'd written it off as something I bought on a whim, but I actually love it a lot more than I first realised, and for a couple of quid (£2.50 maybe?) I'm kinda glad I was being slightly over spontaneous that particular shopping trip.

Top: Topshop
Necklace: Primark
Rings: H&M

I wore this a few days ago when I spent the day with my little sister. We went for a walk and got ridiculously wet and muddy :') It's definitely the one thing I really love about being home again, funny family times!

Has anyone else bought this necklace? It's such a bargain!

Katt xo


  1. I love the shirts. Very useful and pretty.

    Ava Tallulah

  2. I need one of these tops! I adore your necklace, Primark do some really nice collar style necklaces at the moment! Wish I had a store nearer where I live! x

  3. such a lovely post! Hol and I nearly purchased that necklace the other day - I said it was very you! xxx

  4. I love your hair! Primark has some amazing jewellery in at the moment :) x

  5. Haven't seen this necklace...absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful blog!


  6. This necklace is very pretty...great blog :) x

  7. I was uhming and ahhing over whether to get this top or not last week and I really wish I had now! x

  8. Topshop do the best tops & as for the necklace it's so pretty. I have one similar from Primark but it's just that it's pink. It was originally £5.00 then went down to £2.00 which is a total bargain. I seriously can't get enough of statement necklaces! :)


  9. Ohhh perfect necklace and so cheap! I keep seeing bloggers find amazing little things like this in primark, yet I can never find anything! *must look harder*


  10. Gorgeous necklace! Great find.